Sam. 20. Washington DC.
Judgement Day.

"This was the furthest thing from easy to do. You are such a special guy Sam. You are genuine and strong and I admire your character so much. And you’re a wonderful friend. I’m proud of the person i met."

Haaaaaaa. haaaa. haaaa.

I understand that being able to love someone unconditionally doesn’t warrant their love in return. But I’m having a hard time understanding why people randomly choose to drop me. My sister in law says she can’t look me in the eyes, for absolutely no reason. And now the boy I was seeing sent me a 5 page text about how he’s not ready for a relationship. Reminds me of when my first love told me he couldn’t wait for me to find some who could give me everything I deserve.

Double dosed late at night and I’m rolling my balls off reading Carl Jung.

I need people to hang out with that aren’t med students or majoring in international studies. Hit me up.

Shout out to all the people who liked my handful of demos. Just wait till I get 10/10 and become big. Yall gonna come up with me.


SAM :: Clumsy (Demo)

I’ve wandered state to state with heaven in my sights. Crossroads and cigarettes are how I pass the time. And the weeping willows whisper, come here boy be safe. But when I’m in their arms, yeah, I’m only in the way. I’ll beg borrow and steal till I find what’s mine. Maybe some day I’ll find a piece a of mind. But till then I’ll be: clumsy with my love and I will pour it in everyone’s cup. Yeah, I’ll be clumsy with my love and you will finally get enough. 

SAM :: Limbs (Demo)

"Sam, you have to start hooking up with people who don’t have a criminal record."


People who criminalize drugs and drug users are, for the most part, the people who have the power and money to control and subdue the epidemic. You gotta ask yourself: Do they really want to obliterate it or do they want to use the epidemic as an excuse to build prejudice against a culture of people who they have put in a position that has given them overwhelming accessibility to Crack, Meth, Heroin, prescription drugs, etc? It’s easy to hate a junkie. It’s easy to call someone a junkie. Blissful ignorance is too easy. Stop being uncomfortable by something that is so comfortably rampant in the United States. Passive aggression isn’t the same as fighting. Fight the epidemic. Understand the epidemic. End the epidemic.

Sometimes when I’m high I realize or process people’s reactions to things I’ve done supppppeeerr late. 

This one time I was in a girl’s car and she was showing me a song and I started writing to the instrumental and I came up with what I thought were genius lyrics but she wasn’t that impressed by them, she barely reacted to my excitement. “She found god in a bathroom stall, with the bend of an elbow and the twist of an arm” it was about heroin addiction. She was a fellow songwriter. Was she hatin? Or are they not that great?


Badu as she wants to be
Photograph by Graeme Mitchell; styled by Samantha Traina; W magazine October 2014.