Sam. 20. Washington DC.

I want fast love. I want a love where every kiss feels like a sucker punch. I want every moment to fit inside a breath. In and out, I’ll build my life with my lungs. I want to die just to live with him. I want bad love. A sick love. An unthinkable love. I want to feel invisible at the center of the earth. I want love.

High. Again.


Drake cameo in upcoming Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video


Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying


The Truman Show 1998 / Peter Weir

When your sister robs a federal bank and gets arrested, it is of my opinion that taking 2 xanaxs and 1 klnpn and emotionally attacking people is of great assistance.


Lana Del Rey (photo 2006 to 2008)

I want this so bad tbh